4 Paths to Decimating Your Child’s Self-Esteem

4 Paths to Decimating Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is like an asshole. Do we really need every child flaunting his? For a child to be obedient, he must accept the truth that their sole function in life is to support you. Burying their self-esteem deep in their dark consciousness is the key and there are four paths you must make him take.

一. He must realize that self-worth is a factor of economics

The more money he has, the better a person he is and the more respect that will come with it. He also must realize that without self-worth, he will never achieve any form of peace, because he will be faced with economic decisions everyday. He must be convinced that the end results are more important than the path taken because it is the end result that produces profitability. In fact, the less time spent on producing an end result by cutting corners, the smarter and better you are. For example, if he can do his taxes faster than someone else and still get a refund, then that makes him that much better a human being. If he can get an extra five miles-per-gallon in his Toyota Camry than the government measurement, he’s a genius. And alternatively upon any failure, he must realize he is imperfect and should have done better.

二. He must acknowledge that he can and must be better than other human beings

While similarly-aged misanthropes sit idly by smoking marijuana and dating girls, your child must understand that he should not squander the only life he has. Life is too painful as is, and therefore he should want to get over it as best as he can. He must also realize his duty is to living up to his ancestors’ sacrifices.

三. He must be educated on ways to impose his own negative self-esteem to himself and others

When the child can do this, by being critical of his own abilities, he can eliminate self-esteem. By being negative towards others, he becomes a virus infecting the self-esteem of those around him causing a void of esteem.

四. He must realize that he is not that important on this planet

There will always be others who are to be served and given more rights. He must sacrifice his own desires and kowtow to those of other people. This provides the relativity needed for him to understand that in the great expanse of the universe, his needs and desires are no more relevant than those of a fly-spec. It also helps if those “other people” are his parents. Follow these 四 steps and you’ll find that you will sufficiently kill your child’s self-esteem.

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