Sam Wang is Your 1st Chinese-American of the Week

Sam Wang is Your 1st Chinese-American of the Week

Samuel Sheng-Hung Wang is an American professor, neuroscientist, author, and election prophet who makes Nate Silver look like the Buffalo Bills. Let’s skim Professor Wang’s bio, shall we?

  • Graduated with Honors with a BS in Physics at 19 from the University of Phoenix. NO! I mean Caltech!
  • Earned a PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford. Neuroscience is the study of what makes you smart. He can literally tell you why you’re smart or not.
  • Sowed his wild academic oats as a post-doc fellow at Duke, US Senate, and Bell Labs.
  • Became and continues to serve as an Associate Professor in Molecular Biology and Neuro at Princeton.
  • Has over 60 articles published (by other people, not just his blog!)
  • Has co-authored 2 books on the brain of adults and kids.
  • Married a physician!
  • Can call any election (correctly) before CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc.

If his accomplishments, experience, and skills don’t impress you, let’s talk about why Sam Wang is worthy of our CAWA (Chinese-American of the Week Award).

Everyone Loves Nate Silver

Nate Silver has been on the Daily Show. Nate Silver sold his blog to the New York Times. Nate Silver has fancy graphics. Nate Silver Nate Silver Nate Silver.

Like much of America, it’s great to love Nate. He’s your classic, unimposing, spreadsheet-formulating, bachelor’s-degree-wielding, Real-American nerd and it’s easy to take even bad news from him.

“We lost the election, but Nate was right.”

“We lost the Super Bowl, but Nate was right.”

“We don’t understand statistics, but Nate does, so always bet on Nate.”

“There is no fate, only Nate!”

Nate Silver is the boy-genius Wesley Crusher of predictive election models. But if a Chinese-American born from Taiwanese parents like Sam Wang told you the future, and was just as or more accurate, several things likely go through the mind of the Real-American:

  • Chinese Conspiracy! Like SARS! Like real estate!
  • Asians are good at math so, of course! What’s the big deal?
  • If he’s so smart, why isn’t Karl Rove afraid of him?

The Struggle Continues

Yet in a world where trust of the Chinese-American is pretty darn sad (and I’m sure Sam Wang has the actual percentages) and because Sam Wang doesn’t focus on ESPN fantasy results, Sam Wang perseveres and will continue to make bold predictions while no one pays attention – except for the New Yorker, the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and Rachel Maddow.

So we at AiYaWeb are proud to bestow our 1st ever CAWA to Sam Wang.

Buy his book.

Buy his other book.

Donate to his blog.

Retweet his hashtags.

About the CAWA

The CAWA (Chinese-American of the Week Award) celebrates silent overachievement, the pinnacle of what it means to be Chinese-American. The CAWA has no monetary value and does not actually come with a physical award. You do not get a T-shirt. You cannot get a free meal with it. You may not even want to list it on you resume. We only ask that you not disparage the award. Like most awards, it means very little as the true reward is surviving the bitterness of any journey. It is also not selected by a committee or even a set of experts but by some random chance that this could be your week. To qualify, you do have to be some kind of Chinese in some way (mixed is okay) and you must reside in America (United States only, not that THOSE OTHER Americas). If you know someone deserving of a CAWA, please nominate them in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or via Twitter.


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